Sunlight And Fresh Air: Essentials For Healthy Skin And Body

It is said often that, ‘the best things in life are for free’. That smile on your loved ones face, that stroll with your partner on the beach, the fresh air, and sunlight. One cannot thank GOD enough for making you available all these precious things that give immense happiness and contentment for free. But, you often forget the worth of these really priceless things in the hustle and bustle of your lives and completely ignore them, till suddenly one day you realize that these are the real things that are really worth living for.

Spending long hour at the office cubicle makes you dull and boring. But, as soon as you get out and feel the fresh air and have some sunlight you are refreshed again. Actually, what may come as a surprise to you is that some amount of sunlight and fresh air is needed for your body’s health. Inhaling fresh air helps to clear the lungs and enables you to take deeper and longer breaths of air; this in-turn increases the amount of oxygen that is circulated in the body cells. The increased levels of oxygen in the body’s cells; translates greater and better energy levels and fitter and more attentive mind. The enough supply of oxygen that is transported to the body purifies the blood of all the impurities and makes your skin glow.  So, the benefits of sunlight and fresh air can last a lifetime.

Studies have shown that people who are closer to nature and regularly get their dose of fresh air and that sunshine are the ones who are happier and healthier people on the globe.

Try and spend about 20-30 minutes in the sun. This will provide you with a day’s requirement of vitamin D needed for the body. The sun rays are absorbed by the skin and synthesized in the body to produce vitamin D3. Daily soaking in the sun will ensure a good night’s sleep that is important for the healthy skin and slowing down that natural aging process. Also, research has shown that some sunshine and fresh air will help reduce the stress and depression levels that are also one of the major reasons for those wrinkles and aging process.

Other than these skin benefits, enough vitamin D in the body helps reduce the risks of many diseases like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, multiple sclerosis, type1-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even heart disease.

So, next time you feel low on energy and stressed out, just go for a walk in the sun and inhale some fresh air. It releases the happy chemical in the body and makes you stress go away thus helping in reducing those ugly looking aging signs.

For that sunshine and freshness on the skin also, get involved in some skin care routines like getting you a nice anti-aging cream and working out at 3 to 4 times a week. One product which really gained popularity because of its benefits is Spa Elixir Cream. It has beautiful results which make it a worthy product.

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